An electrifying brand campaign that put fans at the center of the experience, combining elements of social, traditional, and transmedia into a perfect storm of relevance, reach and resonance.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, consumers wield an increasing amount of power to pilot a brand’s success through social media. Therefore, a brand’s marketing strategy needs to be flexible enough to conform to the shared interests and values of their target audience, while simultaneously injecting itself into the non-linear conversations and channels their audience discovers media through. When it came to marketing The Hunger Games, our team worked in conjunction with Lionsgate to formulate a yearlong living, breathing narrative universe that engaged audiences on different platforms in specific, targeted ways.


A first point of interaction for fans of the the trilogy to learn more about the film. The site was designed with a multi-platform approach in mind, using HTML5 as the content delivery method


Panem's official Citizen Information Terminal and hub of all things Hunger Games. Citizens can keep up to date with all happenings around the Capitol and its 12 Districts and view their District's Mayors and Recruiters.


An in-canon fashion publication highlighting the culture and style of The Capitol. Followers can seek inspiration for their latest look and track rumors about The Tributes and other characters.


A technological extravaganza developed in HTML5 in partnership with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 that brings to life elements of the Capitol that have never been seen or experienced before.


A comprehensive YouTube-powered microsite that aggregates official video content and citizen content and gives fans the experience of interacting with Panem’s state-run television network.


Becoming an official citizen of Panem begins with being assigned to a District, job placement, and a District Identification Pass. Citizens could also receive a free, printed version of their ID card.


The Hunger Games' official District Equipment Depot where fans can get outfitted with the latest Hunger Games gear and attire.


The platform where the entire campaign began and grew to become the central point around which the entire social campaign revolves.


Facebook applications unique to each District's page which allow citizens to participate in District-specific activities such as the Mayoral Race.


The Print campaign captured the public's imagination when it kicked off with a beautiful motion poster depicting the Mockingjay pin bursting into flames. This was followed by a series of character posters and payoff 1-sheets that focused on the film's heroine Katniss Everdeen. To further extend the narrative, we also created various in-canon materials including a series of District seals that were unlocked by citizens as part of the #whatsyourdistrict social media initiative that kicked off the campaign, and ads for various Capitol products, endorsed by several of the film's characters. A series of countdown billboards were also created, heightening anticipation of the opening date.